• It was absolutely brilliant! What a backdrop - the city, the boats and everything right on our doorstep. I hope it makes the whole of Hobsons Bay feel proud of our industrial background and that it brings us together with a sense of pride in what we can do.
    Vicki Passmore, Hobsons Bay Resident. 'Art & Industry Festival'
  • I thought it was outstanding, of state-wide quality. I felt proud, being a local. It is showcasing the region well with style and great humour. It was very, very good.

    Steve Bracks, former Premier of Victoria. 'Art & Industry Festival'
  • One of my favourite events so far this centenary year… an occasion where the audience was privileged to witness true genius at work.
    The Canberra Weekly. 'Spin: Canberra's Weekend on Wheels
  • Fearless and funny. Jackson 's talent and stage presence are undeniable.
    Cameron Woodhead, The Age. 'The Baby Show'
  • It’s straight up moving and enormously entertaining.
    Alison Croggan, The Australian. 'Dust'
  • It's sexy and full of mid-night black humour. Jackson tells how she fell for her lover, and how things turned sour, she grinds away at the car body in a shower of sparks, sets off explosions, rolls head first into the womb of a car boot, even dangles single footed from a rope to make a point. It’s the most perfect fusion of writing and performance.
    Phil Daoust -  The Guardian UK. 'Car Maintenance, Explosives and Love'
  • Donna Jackson…looms amazingly in my imagination: surely she must be an inspirational angel, super vixen or both at once.
    Stephanie Bunbury, The Age. 'Women's Circus