Art and Social Change, DUST: A Case Study

Dr Donna Jackson has practised as a director for over three decades. This book documents one of her many theatre projects, Dust, which has been developed over eight years.

Join the artist on her creative journey as she crafts a large-scale arts project on the theme of asbestos. Follow her as she unravels the history of this ‘wonder product’ and its many uses including in cigarette filters, mattresses and even condoms. Share her horror at its deadly legacy. Learn from Donna as she shares the secrets of her well-honed method of practice to weave all these threads into an entertaining and compelling theatre work. Meet her many collaborators including rock legend Mark Seymour and filmmaker Malcolm McKinnon.

This book will be of great interest for people engaged in theatre, community development or those interested in provocative arts making.

A stimulating resource it contains articles by practicing artists, the script and score, a recording of the songs by Mark Seymour and a copy of the ABC Documentary Making Dust by Malcolm McKinnon.

Read the Dust evaluation 
Read about the method 
Listen to the ABC interview

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